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The first of many

This knock down re build is the first one to ever happen in this section of Gleneagles Estate.

The clients came to Black Line with the need to do 3 things:

1- Capture light into the centre of the house.

2- Maintain a connection to the back yard and golf course the block backs onto.

3- Find a way to give the house height and street presence while working within the estate's guidelines which prohibited a two storey house.

With this, Black Line came up with a courtyard style home orientated to the northern boundary, removed all hallways so the guest bedrooms would be greeted with this open space and light every morning with the surrounding living spaces nearby. In order to give the house presence the house was raised slightly above the level of the street. Using our knowledge of current ACT guidelines, Black line was then able to keep the remainder of the house single storey by definition by not exceeding height limitations from natural ground level. The ceiling heights were also raised and continued to the alfresco, maintaining a clear line of sight to the golf course.

Currently under construction, with the goal to be completed by the end of 2021.

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